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COLCO Frequently Asked Questions

    I don't want my building on the list, how do I get it off of it?

    We try hard to verify information before entering a condominium project on the list. We welcome any information you can provide to us so that we may produce a valid listing of leaky rotten condominiums and their state of repair.

    If you believe that our information is incorrect, please contact us and we would be pleased to meet with you and discuss the details.  We are open to modifying our opinion regarding the building based upon such a  discussion.  We want a true and accurate List of Leaky Rotten Condos, including repairs. If there is inaccurate information about a building and it needs updating, use our Questionnaire.

    To help you understand the purpose of the list, read this correspondence with the Strata Council of Strata Plan LMS 31 – Guildford Marquis Towers, which paid a lawyer to try and have their Strata removed from the list. Click Here to read our response.

    COLCO’s Leaky Rotten Condo List serves as the only publicly available document showing the magnitude of defective residential construction.  It is also a bargaining tool in seeking compensation for the owners.  COLCO is  not responsible for the actions or inactions of realtors and financial institutions.  We believe in full and complete  disclosure of the condition of a property for sale.  If we had known the condos were full of holes, leaks and rot we would never have bought them.

    The Leaky Rotten Condo list exists to demonstrate the extent of this disaster.  This disaster exists because of attempts made by developers and others to cover it up and silence people.  A necessary and important step toward obtaining 100% compensation is full and complete disclosure about the extent of the disaster.

    If you want your building removed from the list, will you be willing to go on record and make a signed and notarized statement that the Strata does not have or never had any leaks? You may wish to consider that failure to disclose leaks and rot in a Strata complex may be against the law and Strata Council members may be held liable for attempting to cover up and hide problems.

Updated Feb 5, 2001
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