Portrait of a 
Gold Georgie Award Winning Condo
1996 Gold Georgie Awards
Trafalgar Mews
2545 & 2565 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Best Multi-Family Development
800 - 1,199 Sq. Ft.
Cascadia Group of Companies 
Designed by: 
Neale Staniszkis Doll Adams

Cascadia is part of the
Intergulf-Cascadia group of firms.


As you can see by the photos 
attached to this page, the owners
of the condos at and businesses located in Trafalgar Mews find themselves in the same disastrous mess that thousands of leaky condo owners have experienced.

It appears that this Gold Georgie
Award winning condo is yet another example of the leaky condo disaster.  Scaffolding has gone up and it seems that this Strata is dealing with the
initial problems that are typically found when the outer walls are removed.

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Summer 2003 Update - Trafalgar Mews Goes Under the Tarp!

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After years of trouble and conflict on the Strata Council, Trafalgar Mews is going under the tarp and finally getting an building envelope replacement.

Previous information below
According to the City Building Permit Office, the work you see in the photos
below was done without a building permit. According to COLCO's sources, the
city issued a stop work order.  Trafalgar Mews owners had to hire
an engineer to do a proper building envelope inspection. The engineer
has now recommended a complete envelope replacement. 
In the four photos below, you can see how the work expanded in the entry ways. 
Click on any of photos above or below to get a closer look at the damage caused by rot and mould.  These photos show damage typical to many leaky rotten condos.

The two photos below were taken from the alley and show a build-up of fungus, mould,
and moss on the siding of the north side of the complex.  COLCO Inspection Agents
have seen this many times before and these signs may indicate a more serious
problem hidden beneath the siding.  We would not be surprised to see tarps soon 
surround this "Gold Georgie Award Winning" complex.


There are thousands of buildings out there like this building.
Help COLCO identify the scope of this disaster by reporting and 
registering leaky rotten condos on our list. Click here to view our list.
Go to our Questionnaire and let us know about leaky rotten condos in your area.