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COLCO Frequently Asked Questions

    How do Stratas end up on the list and who reports these to COLCO?

    COLCO has numerous sources and tries very hard to verify information before entering a building on the list.  Like any responsible media organization, we do not reveal our sources.

    If you know about a leaky condo that is not on our list or you have additional information to a building on the list, use our Questionnaire to let us know about it.

    COLCO’s Leaky Rotten Condo List serves as the only publicly available document showing the magnitude of defective residential construction.  It is also a bargaining tool in seeking compensation for the owners.  COLCO is  not responsible for the actions or inactions of realtors and financial institutions.  We believe in full and complete  disclosure of the condition of a property for sale.  If we had known the condos were full of holes, leaks and rot we would never have bought them.

    The Leaky Rotten Condo list exists to demonstrate the extent of this disaster.  This disaster exists because of attempts made by developers and others to cover it up and silence people.  A necessary and important step toward obtaining 100% compensation is full and complete disclosure about the extent of the disaster.

Updated Feb 5, 2001
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